In 2019, comes a new book




"World's Favorite Words, A Traveler's Guide."



As authors Michael S. Novilla (American) and Alejandra Ramirez (Mexican) travel our planet, over 80 countries and counting, they realized that there are certain universal Favorite Words that unite travelers and locals. Turning strangers into friends. From "Turista" into "La Mia Famiglia."


Snacks  Hors d'oeuvres Tapas Aperitivos

Cheers!  Santé!  ¡Salud!  Saúde

Grandma  Abuela  Nona  Yaya


World's Favorite Words showcases these Favorite Words, like the Italian favorite "CIAO", helping strangers more easily communicate and connect. Categories like Expressions  "Obrigado" and Activities "Selfie" encourage travel and peaceful, playful exchanges among strangers. Each Category's Favorite Word is accompanied by a beautiful illustration of that word in action. The French word "Menu", for example, was chosen as the World's Favorite Word for the Food Category. Please buy a copy of our book and help support the peaceful, playful connection of our world's travelers!

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